1,000 Steps While Sleeping!

Here is a funny story from those days when I used to wear one of those wristbands which tracks how many steps you take in a day so that you can keep an eye on your daily exercise (click here this link if you need to see what it looks like. FYI: it brings me commissions if you buy from this link with no extra cost to you).


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I love to exercise every day. My target is 20,000 steps in a day. In order to track my progress I used to wear a wristband device which records, displays and reminds on the daily steps taken. I was very happy with both, myself and my device since I was meeting my goal every day and my wristband device was in agreement daily!

I would also wear it while sleeping because it also records the heart rate and I was interested in checking how low my heart rate went while sleeping. One morning I noticed that the device was showing I had completed 1,000 steps overnight while sleeping!

I was puzzled. Was I sleep walking? I had to ponder on that quite a while but I finally concluded that I do not sleep walk.

May be this device was special! May be it was recording the steps from my visits to the heavens! Although just a thousand steps seemed too low for someone visiting a heaven plane! But, finally, I had to conclude against this as well.

But what was it then?

I was pondering on it for almost 3 days now when it hit me that I don’t wear it on my leg, rather on my arm (left, to be precise) and it became perfectly clear to me how I was clocking 1,000 steps while sleeping!

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PSS: Let me know if you understood!

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