Are You Sleeping Right?

I wanted to share my perspective and experience on sleep and its quality. Also, would be fun to check out the article titled β€œ1,000 Steps While Sleeping”, its hilarious (in my opinion at least πŸ™‚ ).

are you sleeping right

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The right amount of sleep has been emphasized a lot and there is already the popular β€˜myth’ about the need to sleep for 8 hours daily. But, in my experience it depends on the individual. An individual might need just 4 hours of sleep while someone else might need minimum 12 hours to be refreshed through sleeping. In my own case, I have experienced both extremes. I used to need 12 hours of sleep when I was studying in college. Not to mention that I would sleep 20 hours when I was a new born! But that I guess is more common!

Nowadays, I just need about 3-4 hours of sleep and I can jump right out of the bed smiling!

So what does how much sleep someone needs really depend upon? In my experience it has only one basic influencer and that is how much energy someone has. Someone with high energy level needs less sleep but someone with low energy level sleeps more, not because he/she needs more sleep but because they do not have the energy level to be awake for long! Swami Vivekananda used to sleep just 4 hours a night and yet be very active and laborious during the day and get a lot done from physical effort as well.

Moreover, there are many theories on what affects sleep and its quality. Although all of those theories are true because they apply to certain individuals, but the only consistent factor / influencer behind all those is the energy level. For ex: It is advisable to not eat up to 4 hours prior to sleeping due to the reason that the more body energy will be directed to stomach for digesting the food and hence will deprive the brain of blood, oxygen and hence energy. Because a high quality sleep is the one in which the brain gets a boost of energy and can accelerate all repair / reorder functions.

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Patient: How many hours of sleep do I really need doctor?

Doctor: 4 Hours

Patient: Just 4 hours, a day? Wow!

Doctor: No, 4 hours every 8 hours!

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  1. Yes I think after reading this article now I am going to sleep right…
    Thanks for sharing such a useful information.

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