How To Make and (Achieve) Your 2021 New Year Resolutions?

In this article, we will shed light on all the motivation you need to make and achieve your 2021 new year resolutions.


My name is Pradeep.

I will help you to understand the importance of new year resolutions, and what can you do to ensure the integrity of your intentions and how can you achieve your resolutions even if you have never before succeeded in your resolutions.

I can relate to the ones among us who have had a lot of aspirations for every coming new year: getting to the gym, losing weight, gaining muscle, trying to look good, getting rid of toxicity out of our lives and so on; but found themselves falling short of the enthusiasm needed to carry on and finish.

I have tried to cram in little inspiration in this article that will help you be more in touch with your capabilities which will help you make and achieve those resolutions. Without further ado, let's start:

make and achieve your 2021 new year resolutions

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Why Do You Need 2021 New Year Resolutions?

The main reason why we need a new year resolution is that it can help in the process of self-mastery. In fact, we should always have some goals to work towards. Setting up new year’s resolutions will be a good and efficient way of setting up new behaviors, improving our lifestyle, and becoming better people. The beauty of the human body and mind is that it is always available to evolve higher.

But for many people most of the time, these year-long promises don’t even make it through the first month. New year’s resolutions are tough. If you have not been able to achieve your past goals, don't beat yourself; let me help you to succeed this time! In fact, if it's your first time, start with small goals, like looking at yourself in the eyes in your mirror every morning – telling yourself that you can do it better, that you ARE Improving. As you get comfortable with these things, add some more things to the list.

Accomplishing even the simplest 2021 new year resolutions will make you confident about the plans and goals you’ve been trying to accomplish but couldn’t. How’s that sound?

How To Make The Right Goals?

I understand how difficult it is for people to focus on goals when literally the whole world is trying to force you to stay home and be depressed. However, it is especially during these times that you need to be stout to achieve your goals. Chasing after an abstract thing is impossible, which is why I have compiled a step-to-step guide you can use to make and achieve your goals. Let's start:

Step 1: Identify Your Goals

The first in defining a goal is to try to make the final end as much tangible as possible. This is why I mentioned before: “chasing after an abstract thing is impossible”. For example, a goal "take a vacation" is too vague and abstract. Rather, make the goal as "save enough money to take a vacation in Paris for two weeks and fly first class". You se? That goal is so much clearer and have physical tangible components which will define the reality of the goal and hence more motivation will be generated in your mind.

No one can tell you how to identify the goals that are right for you. I find these below listed methods useful in getting clarity while making a goal:

  • First and foremost, if you are clear on what you want, then just evaluate your current capabilities and find the gap between your goal and what you need to reach there. This way, you can break down your goal to more number of months during the year and make it more manageable and achievable.
  • If you are not clear on what you want, identify what you need to live comfortably. It might be that you need a new Air Conditioner since the old one keeps breaking down. Once you identify what you need, convert it into a Want and follow the method given above to make and achieve your goal.
  • If you have no strong wants and needs, then identify what you value most in your life. It could be that you value attending church or your local spiritual organization. In that case, you can make a goal of creating more time to spend with your church or local spiritual organization.
  • If you find it challenging to identify your wants, or needs, or your values, then just take some time alone with yourself. Go for a weekend vacation by yourself, spend some time in meditation and getting a clearer thinking on which direction you want your life to move forward to.
Things To Consider While Making Your Goals
  • If you can't identify anything, then simply set a goal to improve your current work. If you are good at something, make a goal to become better than good at it. Can you play guitar? Why not make a goal to play guitar faster than you can play now.
  • Don’t stretch your goals out too much, but don’t be too down-to-Earth either. If it is humanely possible for something to be done, chances are that with enough effort, you can do it. But be mindful of the time, effort and capabilities required and evaluate if you can invest those.
  • Consult your friends or someone you want to confide your goals in and ask them for opinion. Sometimes we trust other people more than our own selves and would find it easy to get to a goal when someone close to us gives an insight on how to make and achieve those goals.
  • Finally, sometimes we make goals just because everyone around us is making one. I would say, instead of following what others are doing, spend time on really thinking clearly and identifying what you value.

Step 2: Make Sense of Your Goals and Keep Them Meaningful

The second step is perhaps the most important step that many people with goals tend to forget: making sure that goals are specific enough that you can speak them out loud. For example, “I want to do something fun this year” is not specific. We have already spoken about this above a little bit, but this is so important that it's worth repeating in detail here.

Many people don’t put much effort into deciding their goals, which is why they are unable to go through. If you really want to learn how to achieve your goals, you need to understand that goals need to be as specific as possible. A good example of a specific dream would be “I want to gain 10 pounds of lean muscle this year” or “I want to make-up with all my enemies”. These are dreams that you can break down into a few words.

A quick and easy tip to identifying what is a sensible goal is trying to explain them to your peers. For example, if you say: “I want to become popular one day”, you will be bombarded with questions like “how popular?”, “When is ‘one day’?”, “Who did you take this inspiration from?”.

If you thoroughly think about your goal and break it down into one sentence that explains how to achieve that goal, it is a sensible goal. “I want to become as popular as ‘so and so’ by the end of my career” is a career goal that explains all your goals, inspirations and keeps the questions being asked by your peers to the minimum.

Step 3: Evaluate and Refuel Your Goals

Because of modern technology, all of us have become strange creatures who can’t even wait for seconds for a website to load. We have become so used to getting results instantly that we don’t have the patience left to pursue a goal. Reading this article, you may be a little motivated to start on your goals, yes, but in a few days’ life-span, all of that energy will have been aspirated.

Speaking from personal experience, you will want to evaluate your goals at least once every week. This can also help from getting you astray and keep you motivated enough to do the right job. I will continue this in the “how to stay motivated’ section.

Step 4: Use Affirmations (The Power of Words)

Yes, this is powerful! The Power of The Word! Once you have identified your goal, make a list of statements which speak of you having achieved your goal and say them out loud everyday.

Some affirmations to consider are:

I Love To Work Towards My Goal

I AM Now So Very Happy And Grateful That I Have Achieved My Goal

I Love To Set New Higher Goals And

I Love To Keep Improving Myself

I recommend you buy the book I talk about in the next section to super charge your enthusiasm with the power of affirmations to make and achieve your goals and resolutions.

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Positive changes can be created in moments. The level and emotions you feel can speed up your changes. That’s why affirmations to music are so powerful. It helps to speed up the level of vibration. Willpower by itself is not enough; not if you want to achieve lasting changes. The affirmations in this book and on my albums are not only for yourself.

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Tips on How To Stay Motivated To Achieve Your Goals:

I hope that the previous part of this guide was able to help you find how to achieve your goals. In this next part of the guide, we will be focusing on how to stay motivated enough that all your goals will be achieved in the most efficient way as possible. I will try to break the rest of the guide into tips that you can follow without any order, so feel free to skim through any that don’t seem to apply to you:

Tip 1: Watch Movies Related To Your Goals

More often than not, all of our goals are somehow related to the kind of content we are watching. For example, I personally watched this anime called “Your lie in April” and for the longest time, I was addicted to wanting to learn how to play the piano.

Personally, this is the only tip I will recommend to anyone who has the same mentality as I do: watch movies and TV shows that are related to your goals. For example, if you want to lose a few pounds off your weight, you may want to watch those UFC tournaments or “The Biggest Loser”. If you want to battle depression and watch a heart-felt series all at once, “This Is Us” is one of the best options right now.

But! Be sure to not overdo it and throw all your motivation down the drain. If you really want to be motivated enough for your new year resolution, keep those TV shows and movie watching to the bare minimum.

Tip 2: Surround Yourself With People of The Same Dreams and Goals As You Have

This might seem like an extension of what I said earlier when we were figuring out how to achieve your goals, but when you surround yourself with people of the same dreams, you will find it more likely to completely utilize your dreams. For example, if you are trying to lose weight as one of your new year’s resolutions ideas, some communities are built to help other people lose weight.

Of course, since this is the pandemic that we are talking about, you might find it a little hard to socialize. This is exactly why I recommend joining those Facebook groups where people ask and share information regarding their aspirations.

Tip 3: Treat Yourself With Rest/Treat Every Now And Then

You are the best person you know, ergo. Only you will be there for you in all times of needs. This is why you should not be too harsh on yourself. Pursuing your goals is not an easy task, I agree. It can take a toll on a lot of people. You will have to sacrifice a lot of things that you found comfortable otherwise such as sleep, routine and sometimes even friends. Yes, it is all worth it if you are chasing a dream that you chose for yourself, but it can still take quite a big toll on you.

Give yourself a little break every now and then by treating yourself to things that you blocked yourself from doing. For example, if your new year resolution idea is to lose ten pounds of weight in a year, you can still treat yourself to a moderate dose of cheesecake once a month. If your goal is to get a better GPA in your next semester, you can treat yourself to a big movie out with your friends every now and then too.

However, once you are done giving yourself a treat, make sure that the treat is well-deserved. Work hard, and don’t slack off on pursuing your dreams otherwise.

Tip 4: Stay Away From Motivational Videos & Podcasts

Yes, I might sound a little rhetoric here, considering I just recommended that you watch TV shows and movies as a motivation, but hear me out!

Watching a motivational video severely cripples your ability to reward yourself when the time arises. Moreover, the dependence on motivational videos is severely detrimental to one’s mindset. All these motivational videos are filled with the same routine: “I was sad/lonely/broken/poor. One day, I decided to work really hard because X thing happened. I took no breaks. I decided that this was my future. Voila! I have achieved my dreams now...”

You get the gist of it right? It will be better if you instead find a movie which you find uplifting and make it your go to video or movie whenever you feel down. But of course, be mindful of not spending too much time on watching!

Tip 5: Meditate, Meditate and Meditate! And Get More Clarity and Energy

One of the most important things to keep notice of if you want to achieve your 2021 new year resolution is to ensure that you are meditating enough. You may think that meditating is one of those things that Indian and Buddhist monks do all the time and the effects are placebo. However, realize that meditation is one of the most powerful techniques available in the world to connect with yourself.

When you connect with yourself and get rid of all the confusion that plagues you, you will become a considerably more motivated person. External factors such as peers, family members and unfortunate events will never bring you down or break your spirits.

If you want to become a sturdy force that does not bend to anyone’s will, meditation is one of the most powerful tricks that I can suggest for you.

Pro Tip: Looking for more motivational content?

Let me give you one pro tip which will never fail you!

It's this: "DO SOMETHING (NO MATTER HOW SMALL) TOWARDS YOUR GOAL EVERY SINGLE DAY". Yes, if you do something that will benefit your goal achieving every single day, YOU WILL ACHIEVE YOUR GOAL EVENTUALLY. Of course, you might miss your timeline but you won't fail.

If you are looking for more tips on how to be motivated, I have written quite a few of these guides. If you feel like you need an image printed in your home or workplace, you can find some of the most powerful motivational pictures in my “Powerful Motivation Images” guide. If you are looking for tips on getting and staying motivated, my special “12 techniques to stay motivated all the time” has proven to be successful to many people.

Final Thoughts:

Hope this guide has been helpful to you.

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If you have any suggestions, I am more than happy to hear you out.  

Thanks, and let me know what you tip you found to be the most useful for keeping your motivation up enough to get that 2021 new year resolutions up!

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