Importance and Practice of Right Breathing

This article brings into your notice something that is taken for granted but is one of the most vitally important elements of a Vibrant, Successful and Fulfilling Life! Its ‘How we Breathe!’.

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Breathing is closely related to the states of mind. In the positive & happy states of mind the breath is relaxed, deep and longer, but in negative & unhappy states of mind the breath is agitated, shallow and short. State of mind and breathing affect each other. If you can direct your mind to a positive & happy state, your breath will naturally become relaxed, deep and longer. And similarly, if you direct your breathing to become relaxed, deep and longer, your mind will automatically be calm, positive and happy.

As you know, one can find a great deal written on this subject and on the various breathing techniques but in this article am going to talk about three most important ones in my opinion.

  1. Inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth. This is a very helpful technique to increase the oxygen content in the body. This helps to raise the energy level of the body.
  2. Alternative nostril breathing. In this technique you breathe-in from one nostril (by closing the other nostril with finger/thumb: not by inserting the finger/thumb in the nostril though LOL!!!) and breathe-out through the other nostril and then keep alternating between the two. This is a very good technique to balance the breathing in both nostrils which helps to balance the mind and raise the natural energy level of the body.
  3. The third technique is my favorite one. It is said that if you can master this technique you will achieve complete mastery on your mind and body and thereby become a Superman! No kidding! Try it for yourself and let me know if you can do it:
    1. First keep your mouth closed
    2. Then, gently close your eyes
    3. Take a deep breath in through your nose and at the same time raise your shoulders and chest as if you are growing bigger and taller
    4. And then finally, breathe out through your asshole!

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