Funny Interview!

Hello! Do read on this funny response of a very smart candidate for a job placement which landed him the job despite his lower academic credentials!Photo by Amy Hirschi on UnsplashFunny InterviewOnce, for a particular job interview, 4 candidates were called in. The first three arrived way ahead of the scheduled time and were waiting in the HR office. The HR representative from the […]

1,000 Steps While Sleeping!

Here is a funny story from those days when I used to wear one of those wristbands which tracks how many steps you take in a day so that you can keep an eye on your daily exercise (click here this link if you need to see what it looks like. FYI: it brings me commissions if you buy from […]

Top 3 Funny Incidents From My Life

Hello! Its a collection of top 3 funny incidents from my life. Read on and hope you have a hearty laugh.Photo by Dina on Unsplash                                              Background Photo by on UnsplashFunny Incidents: 1st Once I was invited to a friend’s place while I was in US. Now, […]

Rest Room (Laughter Room)!

This article is hilarious. Enjoy reading and laughing and do let me know your thoughts.Photo by Allef Vinicius on Unsplash                                              Background Photo by on UnsplashSometimes it is very important to control things even though they may be good. Take laughter for example, it is […]