Quotes That Inspire And Make You Smile!

Here are quotes that inspire and funny jokes that make you smile which I have been using as my daily reminders for quite some time now to keep me focused as well as cheerful.

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Quotes That Inspire And Make You Smile:

  • Your best teacher is your last mistake.
  • Awareness is the key; direct your attention properly.
  • There is nothing but God.
  • When your self arises, all arises; when your self is troubled, all is troubled; when your self becomes calm, all becomes calm.
    • There is no self.
  • Mind is like a mirror. Only a plain and clean mirror shows reality correctly.
    • There is no reality.
  • Heart should be as soft as butter, mind should be as cool as moonlight and speech should be as sweet as honey.
  • What you can become depends on what you can overcome.
  • Love must express itself as service.
  • There is a dance that only you know how to do.
  • A man with his feet firmly planted on ground has trouble putting on his pants.
  • You are immortal; therefore, you must die endlessly; for Life is a creative idea, it can only find itself in ever changing forms.
  • If you want to experience bliss, free your mind and simultaneously release a fart.
  • "Yad Bhavam, Tat Bhavathi": as are your feelings, so is your result.
    • Everything is a reflection of the inner dwelling being.
  • The Divine is always waiting in the lotus of your heart.

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