Rest Room (Laughter Room)!

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Sometimes it is very important to control things even though they may be good. Take laughter for example, it is said that a day without laughter is a day wasted! Laughing is good for health, both physical and mental; but uncontrolled, that too in a situation where it is not supposed to persist can be perceived as disrespectful and damaging. One such incident happened with me when I was presenting to a client during my days in consulting….

There were three of us in the room, two from the client side, both at senior positions in their company. I was presenting with my laptop, taking them through each slide one by one. One of the persons from the client side was sitting across the table and hence was not able to see the laptop screen very well; so now and then I would turn the screen of my laptop towards him.

Then on a particular slide, I sounded to them the result of an analysis which I had done which had very interesting and meaningful insights. At that moment, the person sitting across the table got excited and in a desperate attempt to see the laptop screen pulled the laptop towards him by holding the screen. The screen went from 100 degrees to 180 degrees opening and everybody in the room started laughing due to the funny way my laptop looked; all flat!

Few moments later, the laughter had subsided, but somehow I couldn’t control myself. In order to hide my laughter I tried to keep my mouth shut but it resulted in a BIG smile on my face. Well, it got the client smiling for some more time, but I had to do something about it!

It is amazing, how human mind makes associations and keeps memories grouped in groups of similar experiences. I suddenly remembered one of my days at school when I was not able to control my laughter in the class in front of my favorite teacher.  Thanks to her good nature, she did not scold me although she saw me sitting and hiding my laughter with both my hands on my mouth.

But, I really could not hide into the back benches in a room of three people at a client site! That’s when I got an idea: “Nature’s Call!”.

“I will be right back from the restroom”

“Sure, take your time”

I hurried to the toilet, got into one of the lavatory and laughed my stomach out! People who saw me entering into the toilet looked amused! It felt such a relief to laugh!; the kind of relief you get when you get an opportunity to respond to nature’s call after holding the pressure for something which seems like eternity!

I returned to the meeting room after some time. And, I was still smiling!

Later that day, towards the closing of the meeting, the person sitting across the table tried to get me laughing again by pulling my laptop screen to 180 degrees, but this time it didn’t work, because I was already running out of stock!

I just gave a polite smile to close the meeting and took off.

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PSS: keep laughing (controlled)

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