How To Stay Motivated All The Time?


I am sure you have faced in your life the challenges of keeping yourself motivated, be it that exercise routine, or getting that project done. It makes you wonder what can you do so you can stay motivated all the time.

Over the years, I have come across different methods recommended by successful people and I found that for me the solution is different every time and hence I ended up making a collection of all those techniques and have listed them here. I am sure, you will be able to find the ones that work for you from this list.

I would love to hear from you what you do to stay motivated all the time.


How to Stay Motivated All The Time

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My Top 12 Techniques To Stay Motivated All The Time:

No. 12 on the list of "How To Stay Motivated All The Time": Meditation and Breathing!

Yes, meditation works. There are so many different techniques of meditation. The one that works for me always is to simply sit comfortably, gently closing my eyes and keeping quiet and then Just Smiling in that posture for as long as it takes to bring feelings of "All is Well".

Just be gentle and focus all your mind on maintaining that Smile. But don't force it, be gentle and just keep you focus on Smiling. And soon enough, you will be smiling automatically and start feeling good.

You can also try slowing down your breathing and make your in and out breath rhythmic and of equal depth and length of time. This combined with the above meditation technique is a gold mine!

Once you feel good enough, give Thanks and get up and go about your day.


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talk to someone

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No. 11 on the list of "How To Stay Motivated All The Time": Talk to Someone!

Yes, it is so wonderful to have that someone special to whom you can turn to at the times when you feel low. Do reach out to your friends, elders or someone positive and uplifting.

In case, you have no one in your life to talk to, just go online and find those helplines and just dial that number.

Or you can even just get out of your house and go talk to a stranger in that coffee shop or someone walking down the road, or perhaps talk to that cat or dog.

Don't worry about what to talk. You will be happy that you did! Talking is therapeutic and it definitely takes one's focus off himself as the emotions are let out.

No. 10 on the list of "How To Stay Motivated All The Time": Go into Nature / Sit in a Park!

Yes, nature is so beautiful and calming. Get out of your home and go take a walk in nature or perhaps sit in a park nearby. Look at the beauty of the trees and the grass, listen to the melodies of singing birds, wink at that shining Sun or Moon or The Stars. They are all your Divine Friends.

If you can't get out, look at a plant nearby or perhaps outside the window or just look at the sky or even just looking at your hands will help.

Its such a good idea to make it a routine to get out into nature regularly. Its also fun to go along with one's friends but I find its best to be alone when in nature, that way its so much faster and easier to bond with nature. Make friends with nature, you will be happy you did!

Dance / Exercise

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No. 9 on the list of "How To Stay Motivated All The Time": Dance or Exercise!

Yes, when you feel low, it is because of the stress caused by stagnated stressful energy in the body and mind. Stress pulls down our level of feelings and vibration and at lower vibrations we feel stagnated and stuck which results in stress and dancing or exercising immediately releases the stress and makes you feel better and the body will feel tired in a good way so you can relax.

Don't worry about your moves. Dance as if no-one is watching, just start shaking your arms and legs. Put in some jumps, some swaying side to side, some twirling, sit-ups, some jumping jacks,....once you get started, your body and mind will have more moves, and your job is to just go with the flow and move.

Stretching, Yoga and Pilates are also great options. Remember to hold the exercise poses for minimum 10 seconds, longer if you can. When we maintain a particular exercise pose, it helps the muscles of the body parts being exercised to work out and release that stressful energy.  

A refreshing beverage afterwards is an added advantage.

No. 8 on the list of "How To Stay Motivated All The Time": Brisk Walking or Running!

Yes, brisk walking, jogging or running are great options as well. Just put on your shoes and get going to reach for the horizon!

Remember to adjust you time with the type of exercise you chose. Walk for about half an hour or jog for about fifteen minutes or run for two to five minutes.

It is also a good idea, to vary your pace, being slow and then fast and alternate it a few times. Why not, add in some singing or jumping along the way? Get creative and you will feel good and uplifted for sure.


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No. 7 on the list of "How To Stay Motivated All The Time": Go Shopping!

Yes, shopping is a stress buster. But of course you need to be mindful of your needs and budget.

Buy something small and inexpensive, like a needle to prick yourself (LOL!). Kidding aside, you could buy something positive, something motivational.

Window shopping is another great technique to get your imagination working and fueling your motivation. You can also build up on your goals and dreams by going on window shopping, whether at the local supermarket or on the internet. If your goal is a house, start visualizing a bigger house and your mind will help you to get back that motivation required to work.

May be it is a good idea to buy something to give away to the charity.

Do remember though, you are on a budget!

No. 6 on the list of "How To Stay Motivated All The Time": Watch a Funny or Motivating Movie or Video!

Yes, movies and videos are great. Watch one of your favorite movies or videos to get yourself back into a positive mood. I have a couple of TV series which I turn-on on my smartphone to get a giggle.

You need to be mindful though of the time you spend. Sometimes, we get carried away and one video leads to another and by the time we realize the day is over!

Often, it is a video/movie that you emotionally identify with, that will bring your spirits back up and fuel your motivation.

So, its a good idea to have a time limit to begin with and if this technique doesn't work for you, go on to try the others in this list.

Watching Movie

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Listen to Music

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No. 5 on the list of "How To Stay Motivated All The Time": Listen To Music!

Yes, music is therapeutic!

You know which songs lift you up and you can always go to them to listen or even start singing. And if you feel like, dance a little!

Here again though, be mindful of the time you spend. For me, I can work with music playing in the background. In fact, it makes me more productive. You can give this a try.

Play some of your favorite songs in the background or on the headphone while you carry on with your work. This can be fun!

No. 4 on the list of "How To Stay Motivated All The Time": Take a Cold Water Shower!

Yes, this works Quick!

Taking a cold water shower immediately relaxes the muscles in the body and the mind becomes so much more alert and that lifts your mood and vibration higher.

Let the shower run on full flow and stand under the shower and keep turning clockwise or towards your right side so that the water is falling on your chest or back continuously. Do this for 1 minute or count slowly up to 60.

You will notice that this is such a good method and gives quick results. Of course, you can't shower just about anywhere. You can also just wash your face, hands and feet.

If this doesn't work for you, we have so many other techniques. Read on.

Talking to Yourself

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No. 3 on the list of "How To Stay Motivated All The Time": Talk Aloud Your Affirmation!

Yes, this works powerfully! The Power of The Word! As you know, "In the beginning was the word...."

So, say aloud "I AM Happy", "I AM Happy", "I AM Happy"...and when you would have said it enough number of times, you will be Happy!

Add on to your list of affirmations and have your list ready on your smartphone, on the walls of your house and other places.

Some affirmations to consider are:

I Always Have More Money Than I Need

I Love To Help Others

I Love To Give Money

I Love To Make More Money

I Love To Be Happy

I Love To Make Others Happy...

It is specially powerful to do your affirmations in front of the mirro as well.

Read this article on the top 3 books which will help you to grow from inside and develop those Guts for Glory!

Books to Develop Your Guts for Glory

No. 2 on the list of "How To Stay Motivated All The Time": Sing Your Affirmation!

Yes, this works powerfully too!

Sing. Sing and Sing some more!

Come on, sing right now!

I AM Happy

I AM Healthy

I AM Wealthy

I AM Happiness and Joy

and of course, adding a little dancing along with singing will go all the way farther in motivating you.

...And Now! for the No. 1 technique, its my favorite...

Singing Your Affirmations

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No. 1 on the list of "How To Stay Motivated All The Time": Praying!

Yes, of course, this is the best method. Although, it is a challenge to pray when you are feeling low and are low on faith.

But if you do it with the intention to just try it out, you will be surprised how quickly your mood and mental state will shift and you will feel more calm as if a huge weight has been taken off your shoulders!

You can also just begin with feeling grateful for the good in your life or even better is to be grateful for the good in the life of someone you love and care for. Praying for someone can be very uplifting as well.

Go ahead, give it a try and let me know how it works for you.

Hope this has been helpful. Do let me know for any suggestions.

Thanks and Let me know what did you end up finding most useful for you and do share with me any methods you use and I would be happy to expand my list!

Thanks and Have a good day.

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