The Magic of Gratitude and Laughter!

Truly, Life is Magical with Gratitude and Laughter!


My name is Pradeep.

Without Gratitude, no Riches will bring Happiness!

This is my experience in life. Read on and have a good day.


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Magic of Gratitude and Laughter

The vibrational frequency of Gratitude and Laughter is all the way at the top along with Generosity, Abundance, Joy and Love on the scale of vibrational frequencies of emotions. Beyond that is only “Freedom” or “Enlightenment” which is nothing but freedom from all emotions, negative or positive. And the good news is that “Laughter” is one of the easiest emotions to trigger and “Gratitude” can be genuinely willingly felt at any time.

Even in a seemingly uncomfortable or even a miserable circumstance, one can quickly shift one’s focus and feel grateful for everything that is good which will invariably lead to seeing of the laughable state of one’s inattention towards the source of Joy which truly is the natural state of resting attention, as in deep dreamless sleep. That is why one enjoys deep dreamless sleep irrespective of the outer circumstance.

Let's feel Grateful now:

Can you think of 5 things you are grateful for right now? Of course, you can!

As I write this, I am grateful for my healthy body, my healthy mind, my prosperity, the air I breathe, my laptop and the Internet. And right there, putting that last one down (the internet) made me laugh right away since I remembered how for-granted I had taken my laptop and internet and had forgotten to be grateful towards them. Likewise, one can bring one’s attention back to everything in and about life and recognize the amazing goodness inherent in all the world and all life as such.

Let's Do A Quick Check:

Often, one is more focused on lack rather than on the abundance, but the way the universe works is that it works on the principle of attraction. Like vibration attracts like vibration. Like frequency attracts like frequency. So, one whose attention is focused on the lack in their life is actually going to attract more lack which means, he/she will see more places & situations to notice lack in their life. On the other hand, one, whose attention is focused on the abundance in any area of their life and gratitude towards that abundance, will attract more abundance in that as well as all other areas of their life.

But, one is encouraged not to feel bad for oneself if one finds out that they have been focusing on lack. Rather, one should quickly realize this and shift their focus into gratitude for as much good and abundance they can notice in their current life as possible.

Let's Laugh now:

So, here is 3 cheers to Life, Gratitude and Laughter!!!

Once a married man left home in an agitated state shouting “I am going to commit suicide”. While exiting the main door, he picked up the umbrella. His wife inquired “If you are going to commit suicide, why are you carrying the umbrella?”.

“Have you gone blind, it’s raining outside you fool” replied the man!

A neighbor was watching this and worriedly asked the wife “Aren’t you going to try to stop him?”

She replied calmly “Oh, don’t worry. He won’t kill himself. Last time he went to commit suicide, he carried his lunch box with him, had a nice picnic by the abandoned railroad tracks and returned home complaining that he was alive because no train showed up!”

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