The Meaning of Life!


Today, my friend Sierra from Fiverr brings to us this cute little story on life. Of course, we can never define the meaning of life, this is a light-hearted story reminding us that may be it is much more worthwhile to actually live than to ponder on the meaning of life!

                                              Background Photo by on Unsplash

“What’s the meaning of life, teacher?”

“The meaning of life, my child, is simply ‘Believe in Yourself!’”

“’Believe in Myself’? That’s all?”

“Yes, that is all”

“But how can I believe in myself when there are so many things I must learn first in order to be successful,” the young girl asked.

Her teacher looked to the sky and smiled. His eyes followed the flight path of birds migrating south. One young swallow was falling behind and stopped to rest a while on a nearby tree.

“Doesn’t the bird know that he needs to continue flying? He’ll fall behind!” The girl exclaimed. And then she flapped her arms and shouted “Flap your wings bird. Like this! Catch up to your friends!”

“Why don’t you fly?” Her teacher asked her curiously.

“I can’t fly!”

“Try. Try to do what a bird does.”

The young girl reached her arms out and began the motion… Slowly, a smile grew on her face and as the girl picked up energy she began to run, leap, and soar. Eventually she lost her breath, and then falling to the ground she burst into a fit of laughter.

“Did you fly?”

“No.” She looked up. “Are you mad I didn’t?”

He shook his head gently and asked again “Did you fly?”

The girl thought to herself for a moment. “I think I did a little.”

“That, my darling, is it. That is life. To believe you will soar before you have left the runway!”

“But what if I never fly?”

“Then maybe you will swim. No-one is good at everything. But let me tell you, the real meaning of life is enjoying the cookies your Granny is baking! Come, let’s go and have some.”

"The Human Connection"; a beautiful true story

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