Top 3 Funny Incidents From My Life


Its a collection of top 3 funny incidents from my life. Read on and hope you have a hearty laugh.

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Funny Incidents: 1st

Once I was invited to a friend’s place while I was in US. Now, I am a light non-vegetarian, meaning, I take fish or chicken occasionally. My friend offered me to try steak. I tasted a little, found it tasty and had a few bites. Although my taste buds were happy, my stomach was not! In fact, my stomach got upset with me! And I had to spend quite some time on the toilet.

We then spoke about few things here and there, and when it was time for me to leave, my friend mentioned “Pradeep, make sure you are not leaving your wallet or mobile etc. in my house”.

And I replied, “Well, the only thing I am leaving in your house is in your toilet!”

We had a great burst of laughter on that one!

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Funny Incidents: 2nd

Let me tell you how I once got a speeding ticket!

It was night, I was driving at 72MPH on the left lane when I approached the car in front of me crawling at 65MPH. I waited for few minutes to see if things changed. But no response, the guy was on a leisure mission! I wanted to overtake from right but a lorry was on the right lane maintaining exactly 65MPH and the gap between the two vehicles was just enough for a well executed overtake. So, I sped up to 82MPH, overtook the car, overtook the lorry and then settled on the right lane at about 75MPH.

Few moments later, I saw blue and red flashing lights in my rear view mirror. I pulled over. The officer came to the window and said “Sir, was I going too fast for you?” At first, I didn’t understand what he meant, but it hit me when I asked him to be more specific a few times that I had just overtaken a traffic police car!

Well, he then called me into his vehicle to issue the ticket and while he was preparing the ticket, a question popped up in my mind which I laid on him, “Sir, can I ask you a question?”


“I have been in the states for about 6 months now and most people tell me that it is OK to drive up to 10MPH over the speed limit (70MPH). There is also a saying going around “Nine, you are fine; ten, you pay fine”. What do you say on that sir?”

The officer looked at me and said “What does the word ‘limit’ mean to you sir?"

Well, no word came out of my mouth then!

Funny Incidents: 3rd

Once, one of my colleague and I were driving together. While driving I would now and then open up the window for a few seconds and then close it again. This puzzled my colleague very much but he kept quite. It was a 8 hr long drive and once we reached our destination, the first thing my colleague asked was "why did you keep opening the window?"

I replied, "Well, every time I opened the window, I was actually farting!"

Laughing, he then said, "Thanks for saving my life!"

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